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دیکته: کلمات ناقص را کامل کنید.(2 نمره)

Some families were gl – d to end the exper – ment successfully.

In a – dition to helping us to work better, computers work with superhuman spe – d.

A new rese – rch showed that the av – rage person spent 3 hours a day watching TV.

“ Do you know the des – gner of Azadi t – wer?”  “No, I don’t.”

با استفاده از کلمات داده شده جمله های زیر را کامل کنید. (4 نمره)

improve  –orbit – pressure –influence – average – giant

1. Her average is low. She is ………..about it.

2. Computers can have ……………almost on all parts of our daily lives.

3. Your English is not good . you should ……………..it.

4. The ………..of the city life forced him to work day and night.

5. All spacecrafts that …… out through space can be controlled by computers.

6. He is the ……… of his family. He is almost 6 feet tall.

شکل صحیح کلمه های داخل پرانتزها را در جاهای خالی بنویسید. (5/1 نمره)

1. She bought a …….. dress for her young daughter.(color)

2. I don't like to stay at home in a ……..…….afternoon like this. ( sun )    

3. He is a great writer. His new story is really …………. (wonder)

) بر اساس جمله های داده شده جملات ناقص را کامل کنید. (3 نمره)

1. Where does your friend work?         

I don't know where ………………..

2. The police have caught the young man in this street.

The young man ……………

3. He shouldn’t answer this letter immediately.

This letter ……………

جواب مناسب را انتخاب کنید(2 نمره)

1. Do you know what ……….in the classroom?

a. she say                        b. did she say                     

c. does she say                 d. she said

2. I feel …….today because my brother is coming back from Turkey.

a. happily    b. happy     c. happiness        d. more happily

3. “We’ve run out of sugar.” 

“I know. I ……….some this afternoon. I’ve got it in my list.”

a. have bought                            b. buy                             

c. am going to buy                     d. had bought

4. This math problem ………..……in the classroom before.

 a. has solved                   b. had solved    

  c. solved                        d. had been solved  

با هر گروه از کلمات زیر یک جمله ی کامل بنویسید(2 نمره)

 1. for – he – have – a sandwich – going – lunch – to – is .

2.beautiful – there – Egyptian – the table – are – small – cups – on – some .

کدام کلمه از نظر تلفظ “s” یا “es” پایان کلمه با سه کلمه دیگر متفاوت است؟

 (1 نمره)

1. ( parents – maps – channels – writes )

2. ( watches – countries – places – finishes )

کدام کلمه از نظر تکیه (stress) با سه کلمه دیگر متفاوت است؟ ( 1نمره)

3. ( angry – wanted – people – above )

4. ( dapartment – computer – never – remembered )

با توجه به مفهوم جملات، گزینه صحیح را انتخاب کنید(2 نمره)

1. The central computer of an airline is busy sending and receiving information to and from offices around the world. This sentence shows that ………….

a. computers can do only one task at the same time

b. computers can do many tasks at the same time

c. computers are never busy doing many tasks

d. computers can’t do two tasks at the same time

2. At the end of the experiment, most of the families said that in future they  would watch only certain programs, and not allow their live to be influenced by TV.

This sentence means that families decided………………

a. not to watch TV programs at all                              

b. to let TV influence their lives                 

c. to watch only some TV programs                         

d. to do certain experiments in future

متن زیر را بخوانید و جاهای خالی جملات را با گزینه های داده شده کامل کنید

(2 نمره)

Today there is a television set in almost every house. Television is a big ……1….. in the lives of most of us. We ….2….. hours every week watch TV programs. Although television is a cheap way to get ……3…… and helps us to know the world better, it has some ……4… negative effects on our behaviour. For example it makes family members ……5….. among themselves and students may have ……6….time to do their homework.

1) a. channel     b. influence     c. success     d. observation

2) a. continue        b. finish      c. avoid       d. spend

3) a. information    b. migration    c. invitation     d. emotion

4) a. comfortable    b. single   c. strong    d. suitable

5) a. struggle      b. relax   c. hold    d. employ       

6) a. free        b. low      c. exact       d. less

متن زیر را بخوانید و به پرسشها پاسخ دهید(5/2 نمره)

 Joe has the most beautiful garden in our town. Everybody takes part in "The Nicest Garden Competition" each year, but Joe wins every year. Bill's garden is larger than Joe's. bill works harder than Joe and grows more flowers and vegetables. But Joes garden is more interesting. I like gardens too, but I don't like hard work. Every year I take part in the garden competition too and I always win a little prize for the worst garden in the town.

1.    Does Joe work harder than Bill?

2.    How often is "The Nicest Garden Competition" held?

3.    Bill wins the prize for the most beautiful garden. 

                a. True (     )          b. False (     )